6 Outlet Plug-In

Suggested applications: Office equipment, home theater and home electronics, IT equipment, A/V equipment,
Internet of Things (IoT), and other sensitive electronics. The 6R15W-4USB which has a 4 port USB charger that can charge at 5 volts / 5 amps = 25 watts total.

Notes: older phones charged around 1 amp which is 5 watts of power but phones in recent years are charging up to 2.1 amps or 10.5 watts of power.  If you try to charge more than 25 watts total of power, this USB charger will distribute the power evenly to the other devices but not exceed 25 watts.  This will not hurt the batteries.  Try to only charge when your battery is low (<25%) - this will extend battery life.  Leaving the phone screen on or running apps while charging will also slow down your charge rate. 
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